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The Musician

Aarof is a musician who makes electronical disco songs.

New Material from Aarof

Aarof’s new song will be soon on Spotify and YouTube.

Get to the groove and listen to the new uptempo disco song with a space theme.

Music Style

Aarof’s genre is melodic and disco styled, mostly uptempo music. He writes the melodies and lyrics by himself. The music is inspired for example by Queen, ABBA and BWO. Other artists that have also had an influence on the music are for example Pet Shop Boys, Elton John, Britney Spears, Back Street Boys, Mecano and Erasure.

The strong base background makes you to dance. The rich arrangement gives you an aerial space experience and a real pleasure. You can feel like flying. Just listen!

Aarof is a Finnish musician who makes melodic disco music.

Aarof’s music history begins really in 2007 when he made his first demo songs. Before that he had made numerous melodies. 

The music is composed with keyboards. Lyrics are written after the melody is ready.

Melodic aspect of the music is very important in the music written. The songs are basically not based on lyrics but the melody. 

Street Race

Street Race will be the first published song from Aarof. It’s an uptempo melodic disco song with a space theme. The lyrics are about a street race in a space scene. A war can be avoided by a high speed in a street race.

”People of the stars and heaven try to make a plan forever: how to save the nation from a war.”

Street Race was composed and an early demo was done in 2010.

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Music & Lyrics: Aarof
Arrangement: Aleksi Kelloniemi

Street Race Chorus (sample)